Master Re-do Artists - Dana and Brooks Tucker

Bella Tucker

There is no question that new construction homes get attention with the latest home trends. However, the reality is that most will purchase an older home that could use mild, to major, updating. In Nashville, there is a broad selection of renovation experts - but not many husband/wife teams that take skills and design to the level of this power-couple, Dana and Brooks Tucker - a.k.a. Bella Tucker.

This is a story of masterful home makeover artists, but it begins with their personal journey, and the makeover of their own lives in the process. Like many people (probably most) they met unexpectedly, and together pursued a passion and talent that Brooks has for music, in Nashville, Tennessee. Rather abruptly, life took a ninety degree turn in another direction with the arrival of twins (both with special needs) and yet another obvious talent that Brooks has for painting.

Words that describe the Tuckers: resourceful | over-comers.

When necessary, they dig their heels in, and go deep to refine their passion and skills. Brooks began painting as a young father, and people took notice. Dana had a passion for design, and intentionally developed it into a beautiful talent. Together, they combined talent to start a business from home that provided them the time necessary for the care of their children. A divine plan, greater than their own, revealed a successful path into interior design and home renovation, albeit with great challenges along the way.

Dana and Brooks leaned into the deep challenges of parenting along with building their business, and due to consistent action and dogged determination, they found a sweet spot in kitchen remodeling, without the huge expense of replacing cabinets. Brooks paints them, with great finesse, and the result is not only transformational, but also eco-friendly. Dana creates and implements the overall design plan, without blowing up budgets, and the final result shows “it” — the wow factor.

Their beautiful story is inspiring, and so worth reading here. Dana created the spaces shown here for a close friend who had collected images of what she loved, and trusted Dana could pull it all together. You can see before pictures of this project, here on their website, and truly appreciate their extreme skills.

Scroll along now, and see this duo’s dynamic and beautiful re-do artistry in creating a fine hotel/spa inspired master bath, a music-centered room that doubles as an office/study - and an elegant dining space that incorporates the client’s love for all things coastal.

Do tell (in comments below)… what’s your favorite part of this makeover?


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