Perfect Nashville Perch


The View.

To some people, it matters, a lot.
Not everyone gets to choose their view — but those who do have the privilege to choose, will build their life, and their home, around the scenery, and the view outdoors.

When the perfect perch is discovered, it can often lead to meticulous measures in designing a home that capitalizes upon the view. In some situations, an older, existing home must be renovated, or discarded completely. This home — high on a hill overlooking Nashville — is over 70 years old. Homes built in 1948 were constructed quite differently than they are today, and the modern-day code requirements can be a nightmare for the owner and contractor. However, when the view means that much, you do what has to be done.

Black Gold Entry - Visible Style

A major renovation effort was required for this project which meant moving stairwells, relocating entrances, re-enforcing foundations, and redesigning every aspect of the livable space. Time, and a lot of patience, are part of the recipe for a renovation of this scope. Once life begins in the finished space — it’s appreciated, with higher value — due to the magnitude of the effort. An old hilltop hideaway now serves as a cozy and elegant respite from a demanding career and hectic lifestyle for the owner.

The Kingston Group of Nashville executed the tedious project with finesse — and it shows.

Everyone involved in the design details, and the construction operation feel a deep sense of satisfaction with the results of this project.

And you’ll see why… it’s a perfect perch.

Leslie Brown