Bath & Dressing Suite



We “eat in” more.
We relax at home often.
We linger in outdoor living areas.

Joanna Gaines made the phrase “hit home” with release of her recent book by the same name. It describes the cultural trend for home appreciation. More than ever, we want to create homes we enjoy life in — day in and day out.

A big part of enjoying the day to day means that we want the mundane of bathing, dressing and lounging to feel more like a resort or spa. Oh, and exercise — regardless of what form, we want that convenience right at home.

The Bath and Dressing Suite is a thing… a very big thing.

An ensuite bath, dressing and exercise studio has become an entire addition to this home. Who needs a vacation, when you can settle in right here — with all the comforts of home. As Joanna says, this is a space you will never want to leave.

Live Inspired.

Leslie Brown